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Gulzar Saab’s Infographic by Saregama on his 81st Birthday

Droutinelife : Gulzar Saab was born on August 18, 1934.  His real name is Sampooran Singh Kalra famously known as Gulzar.

On the occasion of the 81st  birthday of the poetic maestro Gulzar Saab, Saregama has come out with a detailed infographic on his life, work and achievements.

The infographic looks at Gulzar Saab’s  life right from the start,  and also delves into the various contributions he made towards cinema making. His contributions have not only been limited to writing for cinema but have also been in terms of producing and direction of movies as well as television. Gulzar Saab has been one of the most award-winning artist of Indian cinema and the infographic gives a detailed information about all the awards.

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Image Credit Saregama

Happy Birthday Gulzaar Saab



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  1. Im the big fan of Gulzar saab. Really a great inforaphic by saregama. Thanks!

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