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Why Uff Yeh Naadianyaan has a Sudden Ending

Sagar Pictures’ Uff Yeh Nadaniyaan on Big Magic has a sudden closure, even the cast of the show were not aware about the ending. Its last episode was aired on 3rd April, 2015. Its really a shocking news. Uff Yeh Nadaniyaan is replaced by Narayan Narayan Chulbulley Narad Ki …

As per our sources, the reason behind a suddenn ending is time management issue. The timings were not adjusting between the actors and makers. Episodes were not preparing on time.

We also have come to know that Season 3 of Uff Yeh Nadaniyaan may also come up. Uff Yeh Nadaniyaan season 3 is expected to air in 2 to 3 weeks. It may be aired on the timing slot of 9:30 PM.

Uff Yeh Nadaniyaan Off Air

Uff Yeh Nadaniyaan

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