F.I.R. Serial on SAB TV | Last Episode | Off Air Show on SAB TV

F.I.R. Coming Back on SAB TV


A Good News for the Fans of F.I.R.

It was saddening to know that the show which successfully entertained its viewers on SAB TV from the past 9 years had gone off-air.  But now we have some good news coming in as it would soon make a comeback with a twist!  It is just the love of all of our viewers, who make it possible to make a comeback on SAB with a new Season.

New Season will be started Post IPL

F.I.R. Serial on SAB TV | Last Episode | Off Air Show on SAB TV


F.I.R. will come with a Fresh Season.  The Cast of the Show will remain Same.  There may be few additions in the cast.  The Format of the show will not be changed.  As most of viewers like the present way of comedy.  The comeback of F.I.R. will be with a twist having a new flavour.  Let us wait and watch what twist will it be?

How excited are you to watch F.I.R in its new season? Share your views via comment section below!


  1. plz started again f.i.r

  2. This is a great. it should be started again.

    • I am die hard fan of FIR,can somebody tell when will it be back with original star cast,chandramukhi,bajrang,gopi,gulgule,billu

  3. FIR should be back with Aamir Ali as bajrang pandey and kavita as chandarmukhi with their constables as it is the biggest comedy ever show.

  4. Please bring back FIR with Sir Bajrang Pandey and Madam Chandarmukhi and their constables as it is the biggest comedy show ever

  5. please bring fir back soon,,,,,

  6. what have you done guysyou have taken my favorite show away from me …..FIR was my life & you have taken it from me….you literally make me cry….Chandramukhi chautala , bajraang pandey, gopi nath gandhotra, gulgulay,billu ,golu , sunny and the commissioner these are not only imaginary characters theyare my family members….I don’t know why you put FIR off air but let me remind you some thing you have taken my family away from me….my mother is a blood sugar patient and doctor advised her to stay stress free and join a laughter club. but laughter clubdoes not work out for her….she used to watch FIR every day and laughs through out theepisode… when I see her laughing I feel I am the most happiest person on earth…..but since the last episode 23rd January 2015 FIR went off air I never saw my mother laugh that much as she used to while watching FIR….please for my mother’s sake bring back FIR again….

  7. Please bring FIR serial back, I just love this serial.

  8. FIR is a great comedy show , which makes you burst out in laugh. i really missed it all these days and waiting for it to restart in old way ,in which it used to be. all the roles in this is great one.

  9. FIR is great comedy and i cant be without seeing it. all the people has done great job. it should be in the same old way it used to be. old is gold.

  10. please sir come back fir

  11. What is the problem is Da.Please Start the Show again ..

  12. Bring Back Fir Waiting from past 12 months

  13. Please Start FIR again. I love watching the comedy of each artist, the craziness of Gopi and Gulgule. “takiya kalam” of victims and villians. Ha Ha.
    and above all Chandramukhi Chautala with all shouting and glamour.
    Please start like episodes of year 2011, probably season 2 .
    My all best wishes.

  14. I cannot wait, plz start as soon as possible,,,,,

  15. well I like this program so much and my family too carry on I am so exited to see fir back I wish that fir comes back as soon as possible.

  16. Plzzz start a new season casting my favorite miss chautala and bajrang pandey too, we’ll start the new season is the, humein chahiye full of fun is the , carry on

  17. Pzzzz plzzz start a new episode I love to watch them especially gopi and billu

  18. Wooooohooooo – I’m so HAPPY FIR is coming back. The best program in the world. I love it love it love it. Carry on!

  19. Waiting for FIR!, Please start its fresh season as soon as possible.

  20. When is F.I.R New season starting. IPL 2015 is over. You said it will start after IPL.

  21. please bring FIR back with new season

  22. when is fir new season starting please tell me and FIR is the best and funny entertement show I ever see

  23. Please start fir again. It is a very good serial. I like it very very much.thanks.

  24. Please YESSSSSSSS, need another 3000 episodes at leeeeeast!!!!!

  25. Please please please…ye serial phir se start karo mujhe ye serial itna pasand hai ki mai dinner tak chod deta tha…I love all the characters in that serial. . ..aamir ali .kavita gopi.kiku sandeep …..

  26. Please please please…ye serial phir se start karo mujhe ye serial itna pasand hai ki mai dinner tak chod deta tha…I love all the characters in that serial. . ..aamir ali .kavita gopi.kiku sandeep …..

  27. Kab ayega bhaia nind nahi as rahi hai

  28. Best show on indian television.

  29. Plz coming fir episode immediately yeh download karke dekh ke fir sota hun plzzzzzzzzzzzz now coming

  30. Plz start now episode plz plz plzzzzzzzzzzz start coming funny show chandermukhi gopi billu gulgule

  31. Wow, Waiting for it.

  32. bring back FIR … VERY funny good comedy show.. bring it back please.. love with that show and its all characters .. how they perform.. bring back FIR

  33. I am so existed

  34. When will come back..m so excited.

  35. Which month and which date & year come FIR New Season on SAB TV.
    What is the cast of the show?
    And last question that,
    which date the animation promo coming on the tv

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