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Devi Dharma Theme Song Video | D Routine Life

Devi Dharma Theme Song Video – Chakravartin Samrat Ashoka

Devi Dharma’s life is full of hardships. She has always been away from her husband, and this emotional theme only expresses her pain…The theme no doubt touches our heart whenever it goes live…

Devi Dharma’s only strength and the reason to live is her son – Ashoka. Ashoka Is everything for Devi Dharma and vice versa.  Pallavi Subash is essaying the Role of Devi Dharma.  The attachment between Devi Dharma and Ashoka enacted by Siddharth Nigam is something that will make you go teary eyed.

Watch and Enjoy Devi Dharma’s Theme Song Video

Devi Dharma | Devi Dharma Theme Song Videio | Pics | Images

Devi Dharma

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