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Desi Dhamaal Serial Discovery Kids Channel,  Timing

This summer, Desi Dhamaal is going to be launched on Discovery Kids.  It will feature kids’ favourite characters like Akbar Birbal, Tenali Raman and Sally Bollywood. Discovery Kids Channel will entertain kids with intelligence, wit and humour in the summer vacation.

Desi Dhamaal will air every Monday to Friday from 12 Noon – 1 pm only on Discovery Kids.

The heroes of Desi Dhamaal prove that intelligence and wit are not limited to adults or determined by age. These young characters use their brains to best much older people around them while displaying a great sense of humour at the same time.

Sally Bollywood solves the most puzzling cases

Tenali Raman uses his wit to impress the king and other courtiers

Birbal as he uses his intelligence to outsmart everyone,  sometimes including Emperor Akbar.

Desi Dhamaal will entertain kids while also highlighting the problem-solving skills of each character.

Desi Dhamaal takes children back into the golden era of Kings and courts, poets and jesters featuring Akbar, Birbal and Tenali Raman whose folklores are widely narrated and have inspired millions of kids around the world. Sally Bollywood and Doowee take kids on new adventures every day and present solutions to the most intriguing cases.

TV Show : Desi Dhamaal

TV Channel : Discovery Kids

Days : Mon-Fri

Telecast Timing : 12 pm (Afternoon)

Hey Kids! Enjoy your Summer Vacation to the Fullest!!!

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