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Neeli Chatri Waale Wiki, Cast, Full Cast, Story, Regular and Repeat Telecast Timings

Neeli Chatri Waale is a light hearted Show with a Unique Concept. It is Produced by Ashwni Dheer. It was started on 30th August, 2014.

Story of Neeli Chatri Waale

It is the story of a common man Bhagwan Das who is buried under the Personal and Professional Responsibilities. His children feel ashamed of his profession as an Underwar salesman. Bhagwan Das meets Shivaye who represents Shiva, A Hindu God. Only Bhagwan Das can see Shivaye. The show is all about the friendship between Bhagwan Das and Shivaye.

Full Cast of Neeli Chatri Waale

  • Yashpal Sharma as Bhagwan Das Chaubey
  • Himanshu Soni as Shivaye
  • Mithilesh Chaturvedi as Aatmaram Chaubey
  • Disha Savla as Vindhwasni Chaubey (Bobby)
  • Aayan Khan as Babloo
  • Baani Sharma as Babli
  • Anoop Sharma as Gowardhan Dubey

Neeli Chatri Wale is featuring Himanshu Soni.  He was Last seen as Budha’s avatar on Zee TV’s show ‘Budha’. Himanshu is playing the role ofLlord Shiva.

Yaspal Sharma is playing a role of Bhagwan das.  He was Last seen Bollywood movies like ganajal, chameli,lagan, Rowdy Rathore etc who seeks advice and help in the show Neeli Chatri Wale.

Full Schedule with Regular and Repeat Timings of Neeli Chatri Waale

TV Show : Neeli Chatri Waale

TV Channel : Zee TV

Days : Every Saturday and Sunday

Regular Timings : 8:00 pm

Repeat Timings : 10:00 pm, 3:00pm

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