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Meri Jaan hai Tu is an Upcoming Pakistani Serial to be aired on Zindagi Channel. Meri jaan Hai Tu serial was originally Aired in Pakistan from 2nd March, 2012 to 22nd June, 2012 on Hum TV with a title of Mata e jaan hai tu. It is Directed by Mehreen Jabbar. The Upcoming Show is based upon a Novel titled “Meri Jaan Hai Tu”. The Novel was written by Farhat ishtiaq.

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Story of Meri Jaan Hai Tu | Plot

It is the story of two Columbian Students named, Haniya Sajjad (Honey) and Ibad Uzair (Aabi). Haniya is a Pakistani Immigrantand Ibad has gone to Columbia to get Master Degree. He is Bachelor from NED University of Karachi. They both meet at Columbia University of New york and Fall in Love with each other. Haniya is living with her grandmother after losing her parents in the beginning. When Ibad comes back to Pakistan, he told his parents about his relationship. But his father Uzair refuses to accept. Afterwards, Ibad thinks to forget his Love for the sake of his parents and get ready to marry with the girl chosed by his father. But time has decided something else for them.

When he comes back to US, he finds that Haniya has lost her grandmother and she is alone. On seeing this, Ibad marries with Haniya at Once. After Marriage, Ibad visits Pakistan and tells his parents about his marriage. As expected, Uzair reacts in anger and says that Ibad is not the part of his family from now. While going to Airport, Ibad rings Haniya and tell her that his parents are not ready to accept him. Then haniya says that she will come to Pakistan for his father’s forgiveness. At that time Ibad meets an accident and died. Now the further story will go in flashback.
Haniya is in Karachi and try to get job in Uzair’s firm. She doesn’t tell about her real identity. Uzair and Hajra start liking Haniya and treat her like thier daughter. Haniya start living with them. One night, she go to Ibad’s old room and see her belongings. On seeing this she recalls the past and go into flashback. When she was talking to Ibad while going to Airport, he met an accident and died. Haniya lost her consciousness and get shocked. One day, she saw Ibad who is saying her to meet his parents and heal thier wounds. Haniya deceided to leave US and went to Karachi. There she tries to fulfill Ibad’s Last Wish.
After this, Haniya confess her real identity to Uzair and asked him to forgive her. He then reveals that he has known all along who Haniya is. They tell the truth to Hajra. In the last, there is reconcilliation of Uzair, Hajra and Haniya. They lives a happy and Loving family together.

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Full Cast of Meri Jaan Hai Tu | Star Cast | Lead Actors

  • Adeel Hussain as Ibad
  • Sarwat Gillani as Haniya
  • Sajida Syed as Mama Jani (Haniya’s Grandmother)
  • Javed Sheikh as Uzair
  • Hina Khawaja Bayat as Hajra
  • Sanam Saeed as Yamina
  • Junald Khan as Adam
  • Ahsan Khan as Adeel

Timings of Meri Jaan Hai Tu Zindagi

Meri Jaan Hai Tu Serial will start from 21st April, 2015 on Zindagi Channel. It will be telecast from Monday to Saturday at 9 pm.

TV Show : Meri Jaan Hai Tu

TV Channel : Zindagi

Genre : Drama

Start Date : April 21, 2015

Timings : 9:00 pm

Days : Mon-Sat

Repeat Telecast Timings : 12 am, 3 am, 6 am, 9:30 am, 11 am, 3 pm, 5 pm

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