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Rules of Box Cricket League | BCL Rules

The ‘sports reality show’ will be played by 120 celebrities over 19 matches. Men and Women will be seen playing together. Female stars will play alongside their Male Counterparts. There are 8 Teams in BCL. The number of Matches are 19 in BCL. The number of overs are 14 for Each Match. All the teams will be divided into two groups, A and B. The teams will belong to one of two groups, A and B. Each team in Group A will play against each team in Group B. Four teams will qualify for the semi-finals. The Winner will then compete in the Final for the Coveted Trophy.Box Cricket League | BCL 2014 | Team names | Players | Rules of BCL | images | Pics | Wallpapers | Posters | Timings | Sony Channel

The rules of Cricket are tweaked for the first time for BCL.Matches will commence with a face off between the two playing teams. They will perform signature dance moves. Each team will dance on its own anthem. Giving the mundane coin toss a skip, BCL has introduced a ‘filmy toss’ with options like ‘Jai or Veeru’, ‘Basanti or Dhanno’.

To create the excitement, During the sixth and tenth overs, the batting captain will challenge the bowling captain to hit a certain number of runs in a single over, with a particular bowler. If they manage to hit the number of runs they have challenged them for, then they earn double the runs. If not, they will lose the number of runs they challenged the bowling team. The 7th over will also see a ball change procedure where the players can strategize their next game plan.
Now we can say that one can even score 9 runs in BCL. And there will be a challenge which allows you to double the runs you make.

There will be two BCL titlis. BCL titlies are Dancers Noorin Sha and Vrushika Mehta. These two will perform acts during time-outs and the ball change beraks. Behind the scenes action, locker room gossip will bring in the ‘reality show’ feel. There are extremely Creative Awards like ‘Gentleman of the Match’ and ‘Most Stylish Player of the Match. As per the sources, Team Owners have created their own team.

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