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Upcoming Shows on EPIC TV Channel | Launch Date

A newly formed company EPIC TELEVISION NETWORKS PRIVATE LIMITED is going to launch EPIC Channel very soon. Epic Channel will be the first channel launched by EPIC Television Networks Pvt. Ltd. It will be a Unique Channel because of the content provided by the Channel. It is specially designed for showing Indian History and Mythological Stories. The EPIC Channel is India’s First Genre Specific Hindi Entertainment Channel. It will show content full of Action, Comedy, Drama and Supernatural Non-Fiction Contents. It is the first segmented channel in Indian Television. EPIC Channel is creating the unique and original Shows based upon Indian History, Folklore and Mythology using a very contemporary Story Telling Method. I think Epic Channel will prove a revolution in the Television Industry. We all like to hear and enjoy the history and mythology of India through books and grandparents’ stories.Now these stories will be narrated on Television in a contemporary way.

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It will be a new beginning. Now the viewers can choose and consume genre specific content of their choice. EPIC Channel will show our vibrant past in a enjoyable manner. Till now there is no channel which provide the information regarding our history in a entertaining way for full day. Some Channel show the Programme based on our history but they are only for one hour or half an hour. I know that there is History Channel but Our Children don’t like to watch History Channel. But EPIC Channel will bring a revolutionary change. Now I think We and specially our children would be aware about our gorgeous past. The stories will be innovative with high production quality and a distinct look and feel.

Founders of The Company

Mr. Mukesh Ambani, Mr. Anand Mahindra and Mr. Rohit Khattar are promoters of the company. Mr. Mahesh Samat is the Founder and Managing Director of EPIC Television Network Pvt. Ltd. The Epic Channel is ready to go on air by the end of the year 2014.

Lauch Date of EPIC Channel

As Per the sources The EPIC Channel based on Indian History is going to be launced on 19th November, 2014. Let’s see the magic of The Great Indian History. How much TRP it will gain in coming days. So stay connected to us for the Latest Updates….

Upcoming Shows on EPIC Channel

The channel will launch four new shows on its launch date. These 4 Shows are Siyaasat, Dharmakshetra, Dariba Diaries and Daanav hunters. The Release Date of these 4 Shows is 19th november, 2014. Now History will be rendered through a fictional lens.

  • Siyasat
  • Dharmakshetra
  • Dariba Diaries
  • Daanav Hunters
  • Adrishya
  • Ekaant

Siyaasat Serial | Epic TV

Siyaasat TV Serial is a Mughal-Era Drama. It is based upon Indu Sundaresan’s Novel The Twentieth Wife. It is all about love, power and politics in Mughal Period. The story of Siyaasat is about Emperor Jehangir’s consort and Nur Jehan, consolidated her position in the Mughal Court. The new show is about love who fights with all odds in his way that changed the face of Mughal Politics.
Siyaasat is produced by Green Light Productions. The Makers of the show selected Palaces of Bikaner to give the show Real Light of History.

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Dariba Diaries Serial | Epic TV

Dariba Diaries is a Colonial Era Detactive Show. It is based on murder cases in 19th century. The Story of the TV Show Revolves around Mirza Jaan Nawaz. In 19th century there is no technology help for Mirza. The story narrates How Mirza solve these cases. The Epic Channel has very unique plot for the show. I think, It will definitely attract a number of Viewers. It will be aired on 19th November, 2014.

Daanav Hunters Serial | Epic TV

As per the sources, Daanav Hunters on Epic TV is Produced by Bellyful of Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. It is a Science Fiction Show. It is in the news that Daanav Hunters was previously named as Asura Hunters. But now the makers have finalized the name as Daanav Hunters. Tara Dsouza and Anjum Sharma can be seen in Daanav Hunters. Aparna Kumar (Choona Hai Aasmaan fame) and Leena Balodi (Na Aana Iss Des Meri Laado Fame) are also playing role in the Upcoming Show. Aparna Kumar was last seen in Life OK’s Humne Li Hai Shapath.

Dharmakshetra Serial | Epic TV

After seeing the success of Mahabharat on Star Plus now a new serial Dharmaksheta is going to be launched on Epic TV. Story of the show is about Court Room of Maharaj Chitragupta. We will see that What was happened after the war of Mahabharat. What Happened with both warriors Kauravas and Pandavas in Mahabharat. Chitagupta will decide who should go to Heaven and Hell Based on their Karmas on the Earth.  I, (Myself) am also very eager to know that what happened to kauravas and Pandavas after Mahabharata.  There are very stories about them. But now I am very happy to see that there is a serial which will show all these mystries.
The new show is Produced by Bolt Media. The makers has selected some known faces of Television to play role of Pandavas and Kauravas in the show. Aarya Dharm Chand (Pritigya Fame) will play Karan the role of Karna, Amit Behl (Buddha Fame) will be seen as Dronacharya, Maleeka Ghai is playing the role as Gandhari. She was last seen in Singhasan Battisi on Sony Pal.  Dharmakshetra will also be telecast on 19th November, 2014.

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Some other shows which may be launched very soon on EPIC Channel are Adrishya is about Indian Spies, Ekaant is about Abandoned Places. The timings for the show are not revealed yet. A lots of Updates are yet to come out. As soon as we get any information we will update it here.  So Stay Connected to us for the Latest Updadtes.

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  1. I love to watch shows like danav hunters like ssshhh….phir koi hai ,fear file type but danav hunter impresses me the most

  2. The shows always intrigue me, from the stories to the travel shows;
    How can I look out to be a part of this channel?

  3. Harshala Raghuram

    Siyasat is an interesting serial. Why is it stopped now and then? Kindly continue. Actors played as Jehangir, Nur Jehan and Ruquiah Begum have acted very well. Let me know the cast.–Harshala

  4. kindly let me know if the CDs of Ekaant are available or will be in the future.

  5. Ravindra K Jain

    I gave the commentary on your program on Orchha, Madhya Pradesh and got to know through a friend that it has been telecast. I have not seen it, please send me its CD at B-770, Palam Vihar, Haryana, India and inform the date and time if it will be telecast again,
    With best wishes,
    Ravindra K. Jain

  6. Sunny Gangasagar

    I saw few of epic channel shows like Aakaant , A & one of cockery show & i like it very much. I m to much empress with it & i want to work with epic channel. I have 6 years of electronic media as as an Anchor & Rj , also do some production work & have mass com degree.
    If you have any lead than please let me know. My cont. no. 09987534352
    My best wishes to epic channel.

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